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    Check back here as the journey takes place year after year. It will be full of useful links for things to do, such as nightlife, food, and lodging at each stadium I visit. Some of it might not be original, but it will attempt at being helpful for your journey!

Here We Go: 2014 Season

It has indeed been a very long off season, my fellow ballpark lover. It has been a few months since my last post and my last visit to a ballpark. Alas first pitch brings a lot more along with renewal than just for a team, but also for the hope of a man ‘s journey! … Continue reading

#24 Texas Rangers

It was a long journey to a national conference, but it was all worth it once I arrived with my merry band of outlaws to Rangers Park in Arlington! And here is our story! The Rangers Park is a great home away from home for those looking to mix ballparks of old and today’s modern … Continue reading

Outlook on 2013

Welcome to the next year of the great American ballpark journey! This year will obviously be a little different, with the birth of my daughter, yet just as exciting! Normally I set ambitious goals of ten ballparks a season. This year will be paired down to three or four. Most of them should be finishing … Continue reading

Originally posted on Ben's Biz Blog:
In 2010, prior to moving into their new home of PK Park, the Eugene Emeralds updated their nature-themed logo so that it looked like this: But minor tweaks to an inherently conservative look were clearly not enough for the Emeralds, who, under the leadership of GM Allan Benavides,…

#23 – Chicago White Sox

Welcome to US Cellular Field! Home of the Chicago White Sox! And the journey continues! Here is a brief look at my trip US Cellular Field back on May 26th of this year. I enjoyed the trip thanks to one of my best friends who was getting hitched that weekend, as he, a mutual best … Continue reading

#22 – Minnesota Twins

Welcome to the 2012 season! With spring already on us, we have a new chapter of the journey to write! I am excited that you have decided to join me once again as I continue with my passion for baseball to visit every ballpark in the States. This year promises to be a momentous one … Continue reading

Glorious Spring

After a brief late winter hiatus, the View From Home Plate is back! With a kick off to spring last Friday night, I took in a #11 NC State Wolfpack vs Wake Forest Demon Deacons game. It was a great win for the Pack (my alma mater) and like any college game maintained a lot … Continue reading

Around the Bases Update – Week 1 2012

Welcome to 2012! Anyone up for some snow-ball?! Get it? Baseball in Wilmington? It looks like here that we do have a debate between city and county officials on whether or not to build a new ballpark in the city of Wilmington NC. The NC coast is no without a team after the Kinston Indians … Continue reading

A Season to Remember

This year saw the journey in full effect with the visiting of 9 new ballparks in 4 states. I visited parks in North Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, and Tennessee. The new year will bring more adventures, more food, and most importantly more ballparks! On the docket is new experiences in Chicago, Pennslyvania, and in the major … Continue reading

#21 – Kinston Indians

It was an late summer evening, September 2nd to be exact, when the Kinston Indians of the sleepy southeastern North Carolina town played their last regular season game. Now three months removed from that event, my soul has an appreciation for small town, small market ball that had yet to be understood. Partially now because … Continue reading

#20 Colorado Rockies

In late August, I was fortunate enough to be flown out to Denver for a work summit, in which I met amazing people doing amazing things for young people around the country. As if being inspired by their commitment to better our future through solid educational techniques such as service-learning, and hearing of their measurable impact on … Continue reading

#19 Asheville Tourists

On a sunny and hot North Carolina summer, my lady and I ventured with our two dogs to the mountainside of the Appalachians. In between the Bilmore Estate, the hippie streets of downtown Asheville, and blue mountains of Appalachia is nestled the downhome McCormick Field. In late July, we visited my #19 ballpark, and it was … Continue reading